CITI Lima 2020

3rd International Translation and Interpreting Conference

May 2-3, 2020, Lima, Peru

Presentation Preliminary program
Iván Villanueva Jordán

Translation in Peru has a significant professional and university tradition in Latin America. CITI Lima 2020 will be an opportunity to nurture this tradition by sharing new ways of practicing translation and interpreting, as well as to update the academic and research views that take place in Peruvian and regional universities.

We look forward to the participation of professionals and academics, as well as translators and interpreters in training. We are sure that the plenary speakers that will participare in CITI Lima 2020 are the first reason of interest for many people. In addition, individual presentations will support the academic and professional levels of this event.

Iván Villanueva Jordán
President of CITI Lima 2020
Hilda Ascencio Pasache

Translation and interpreting bring us together this time...

CITI Lima 2020 is the result of knowledge, competence, information, enthusiasm, vehemence, rapture, fondness, vitality, vigor, soundness, energy, impulse of the many involved. Its sole purpose is to provide the best of the world of translation and interpreting to the translation community, with a view to serving society in the best way through the profession we exercise.

The Colegio de Traductores del Perú is pleased to invite you to this great conference that seeks to become institutionalized in this part of the continent as an unmissable model in our area of knowledge.

We invite you to share our passion and be part of this great moment that will be our CITI Lima 2020!

Hilda Ascencio Pasache
President 2018-2021
Colegio de Traductores del Perú

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