CITI Lima 2020

3rd International Translation and Interpreting Conference

May 2-3, 2020, Lima, Peru


The themes of CITI Lima 2020 are broadly based on the academic and professional arena. We expect contributions to current aspects of translation and interpreting, including: specialized translation; technologies applied to translation and interpreting; translation and interpreting of indigenous and sign languages; management and quality in translation and interpreting; training of translators and interpreters; automatic translation and post-editing; and deontology of translation and interpreting.

Theme 1: Translation, interpreting, and quality

Theme 2: Translation, interpreting, and socio-professional reality

Theme 3: Translation, interpreting, interculturality and accesibility

Theme 4: Specialized translation, and interpreting

Theme 5: Translation, interpreting, and technologies

Theme 6: Translators and interpreters in training

Theme 7: Training of translators and interpreters